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Why Should I Hire A Holistic Nutrition Coach?

One of the most frequent questions people ask is “why should I work with a holistic nutrition coach?” For those living in the realm of holistic health and wellness, the obvious answer may be “why wouldn’t you want to work with a holistic nutrition coach?” The problem is that most people don’t understand what ‘holistic’ means. By definition, holistic implies to treat the whole person, factoring in the physical, spiritual and social aspects in someone’s life in a complimentary manner. The power and effectiveness of a holistic approach is that by addressing all of these combined factors, people can improve their health and overall wellness in ways they couldn’t even imagine.

So, why is this important? Great question! What makes holistic nutrition unique is that practitioners and coaches honor and respect that people are not all created equal with regards to their individual biochemistry, genetics, health, lifestyle, resources, spirituality, challenges, goals and dreams. Therefore, a holistic nutrition coach or practitioner works in collaboration with a client to acknowledge their unique life circumstances, such as health concerns, level of physical activity and stress, eating habits, and challenges in order to mutually establish smart, realistic and attainable goals. A holistic nutrition coach or practitioner accomplishes this by educating, empowering and motivating their clients to achieve their ultimate goals so they can live their very best life.

The process of coaching a client is not always as straight forward as it’s described. Just as people have very unique lifestyles that affect their well being, they also have exceptionally unique behavior patterns and beliefs that can either help them achieve their goals, or thwart their success altogether. This is where the expertise of a holistic nutrition practitioner or coach becomes a game changer for a client who is more resistant to change, even if they know that change is in their best interest. A holistic nutrition practitioner or coach respectfully and compassionately guides clients through the different stages of behavior to prepare them for success, whatever their goals may be.

So, by honoring everyone’s individuality and working together as a team, creating nutrition and wellness care plans designed specifically for a client’s unique health and lifestyle, a nutrition practitioner or coach can be the missing link between wanting to improve one’s health and lifestyle to actually living the life they dreamed. Everybody has a why. What’s your why?


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